Our teaching approach

Learning a foreign language should be interesting and fun, and our goal at SpeakCro is to make learning Croatian that way for you!

How do we do teach Croatian? By using a custom-designed “building block“ approach. Each Croatian lesson introduces a new “building block“ to play with and build upon. This method of learning Croatian is creative, relaxed and happens in a positive environment. Mastering each “building block“ gives you a way to assess your progress in learning Croatian.

Korak po korak…

But let’s be realistic. There isn’t one magical teaching approach that works for everyone when learning a foreign language.

That’s why our Croatian Lessons are designed to suit your specific needs and style of learning. SpeakCro teachers will work with you, one on one, to find the best approach. Most importantly, the pace of lessons is flexible. We proceed to the next building block when we mutually agree that you are ready for the next step, not according to some fixed timetable. Some of our students want to focus on everyday conversation, while others prefer a structured learning of the formal grammar. Some want to learn as much Croatian as they can in the shortest time frame. And while many of our students prefer communicating with their teacher exclusively in Croatian, others prefer to use a combination of their native tongue and Croatian. Regardless, all of our SpeakCro language tutors work with you to find the best teaching method to suit your needs.

We are here to be your guide and helper through the adventure of learning the Croatian language, and to make it as enjoyable as possible along the way!

Our teaching approach in learning Crotian online is a building block approach

I have had several instructors over the years teaching me Croatian before I came to SpeakCRO, however they always taught me as if I was a native speaker. My teacher at SpeakCRO teaches Croatian as a second language which makes it a lot easier to learn this…

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difficult language. Her professional assessment of my language level allowed her to work with me at that level, as I was not a beginner. She easily jumps ahead or goes back if there is something I already know well or have not actually learned yet. My teacher is positive, friendly, flexible, and organized. She makes learning Croatian fun!
Lynda Milina

CEO , Slika Milina

My lessons give me interest, challenge and enjoyment, so they are like conversations.The tutor welcomes my questions and gives me a say in what we do, but she recognizes when I need some basics. She seems to judge the right amount of structure.  Because I feel…

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…comfortable, I am prepared to “have a go” and make mistakes. In this atmosphere, progress has flourished. The tutor knows both Croatian and English grammar very well. So, along with her excellent English, she gives me good explanations in a clear way. I can’t wait for the next lesson!
Bob Bucat

Professor, University of Western Australia

My time learning Croatian in SpeakCro has been a life changing experience. I went from not being able to order a coffee, to being able to go shopping alone with confidence. My teacher’s approach to learning, her patience and attention to detail is extremely professional…

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… and second to none. I took a very long break, and when we picked up, she knew exactly where I was at and coached me back to where we left off. My weekly lessons always leave me excited to learn more. I would highly recommend SpeakCro to anyone wanting to learn Croatian.
Sarah-Jane Begonja

Blogger, Chasing the Donkey

My lessons in SpeakCRO were very helpful for understanding Croatian’s complex grammar. My tutor is a wonderful, patient teacher who tailored the lessons to the way I learn and helped me to feel comfortable speaking the language. I highly recommend SpeakCro…

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… to anyone looking to learn Croatian well enough to actually communicate.
Ricky Schumacher

CEO, Visual Grace

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