How does learning Croatian online work?

Croatian online lessons are always live and are not very different from face-to-face personal lessons – you can see and hear your teacher, and the teacher can see and hear you in real time. You can work with the book that we provide displayed on the screen, or if you prefer you can print it.

Keeping it flexible and as simple as possible is our mission.

Day and time

You can organize your own learning Croatian schedule, rather than to organize your life around a schedule that we set for you.

You decide how many times per week you want to have your lessons, and at what time.

How does online learning work?

Tailor-made lessons

Keep in mind that we are here for you – lessons are tailor-made to suit your needs and style of learning. If you are a businessman or woman coming to work in Croatia, we’ll cover business Croatian. If you are coming to Croatia to visit your Croatian family, we’ll cover topics that you might want to talk about with your old aunt or uncle, and if you want to learn Croatian just for fun to make the most of your Croatian holidays, we’ll give our best to help you seduce the most gorgeous girl/boy on the dance floor – in Croatian!

P.S: No, lessons don’t have to be individual. If you want to do them with your husband/wife/sister… because you are at a similar level and you want to reduce cost – it can be done!