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How does learning Croatian online work?

How does learning Croatian online work?

Croatian online lessons are always live and are not very different from face-to-face personal lessons – you can see and hear your teacher, and the teacher can see and hear you in real time. You can work with the book that we provide displayed on the screen, or if you prefer you can print it.

Keeping it flexible and as simple as possible is our mission.

Day and time

You can organize your own learning Croatian schedule, rather than to organize your life around a schedule that we set for you…

Learn Croatian online - our teaching approach

Our teaching approach

Learning a foreign language should be interesting and fun, and our goal at SpeakCro is to make learning Croatian that way for you!

How do we do teach Croatian? By using a custom-designed “building block“ approach. Each Croatian lesson introduces a new “building block“ to play with and build upon. This method of learning Croatian is creative, relaxed and happens in a positive environment. Mastering each “building block“ gives you a way to assess your progress in learning Croatian.

But let’s be realistic. There isn’t one magical teaching approach that works for everyone when learning a foreign language...


All study materials for learning Croatian are included in the price: there are no extra costs.  You can pay using PayPal or…


You can always contact us if you have a question, but maybe you would prefer to look for an answer here.

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